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The use of honey goes beyond cooking or cosmetics. We can also take advantage of this super food in our marijuana crop. Therefore, in today's post we will show you how use honey in marijuana cultivation. Take note and write down our tips!

Use honey in the cultivation of marijuana

There are a lot of root stimulators for the cultivation of marijuana. These stimulators provide the basic nutrients so that plants grow and bloom properly. However, for some time the use of honey as a stimulant has been gaining strength.

Thanks to its properties, honey is the Perfect organic ingredient. This will serve as root stimulant when we want to take cuttings from a special cannabis plant.

We can also use it as fertilizer for our plant. To use it as a fertilizer for our crop we only need honey whose label specifies a 100% purity.

How to use honey in the cultivation of marijuana as a root stimulant?


When we have a special plant and we want to reproduce it we will use the cuttings reproduction. Once we have cut our cutting, to get ahead you will need rooting hormones.

Plants themselves produce these hormones, but for improve and accelerate This process can add external rooting hormones. The most common are the indolacetic acid (AIA), endogenously produced by the plant. It also produces synthetic hormones such as indolburyric acid (AIB) and the Naphthalenacetic (ANA).

The problem with these hormones is that, despite working well, it has a short expiration and using them we expose our plants to chemicals so little desired in consumption today.

Honey is a magnificent ecological stimulant For the roots. His properties antifungal and antibacterial They will prevent our cuttings from becoming infected. In addition, some growers support the theory that argues that honey contains space enzymes that encourage root growth.

Using honey to grow marijuana will be very easy and beneficial. In addition to the described properties, it is an easy product to obtain and with a very long expiration.

This will allow us to use it for years. For use honey in marijuana cultivation, we must simply cover "the wound" of our cuttings with a thick layer of honey. Once this is done, you just have to wait patiently 1 to 2 weeks so that the roots begin to form.

Use honey in the cultivation of marijuana as a fertilizer

The plants in general They produce their own glucose with photosynthesis. For this reason it is not a fundamental element that must be added for its development. That said, we can use honey to help beneficial bacteria and fungi to develop.

To use honey in the cultivation of marijuana as a fertilizer we will dissolve 5-15ml of honey in 4 liters of water, with which we will water our plants.

We must be careful not to saturate our soil with this mixture as it can be counterproductive for our crop. Some growers also use it by mixing it with amino acids, milk, cassava extract, volcanic ash and soap stick extract.

Anyway, it is a natural element within our reach that will help us take care of our beloved plants.

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