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Make a homemade root stimulator |

Today we are going to show you a trick to make a homemade auxin-rich root stimulator, so you can test it in the cultivation of your plants. With this root stimulator, you will get your plants to grow in an ecological and natural way. We show it to you!

Make a homemade root stimulator

What are auxins?

The auxins They are phytohormones that regulate plant growth. They cause the cells of any type of plant to lengthen. For this reason, the auxins they are one of the main active components of many commercial products used in fruit growing for rooting stem cuttings. These auxins they are essentially concentrated in the meristematic areas of the apex of the stems and move from there to various areas of the plant, mainly towards the base. In this way, by spreading to the base, they get the plants to grow gradually.

What is the best root stimulator in the market?

There are several products on the market for root stimulation in the cultivation of your marijuana plants. If we had to stay with one that would be Clonex It's about a rooting gel Ideal for optimal creation and assimilation of all vitamins, hormones and mineral nutrients in our new plants. It contributes to the plants all those essential compounds for the correct development of the same. Clonex It is sold in boxes of 12 units or in units separately, in which each unit contains 50 ml gel

Clonex It is possibly one of the most used rooting compounds by professionals and amateurs throughout the world.

Clonex features

Clonex It is presented as a bright and translucent gel, comfortable and safe application. Its application effectively and instantly seals cuts in plant tissue, avoiding risks of infections. It contains the necessary amount of compounds, nutrients and hormones to strengthen and strongly develop roots and new plants.

He Clonex It's a great product, but It is not a 100% natural product. If what you are looking for is a product natural and ecological We propose an alternative that will make your plant grow in the way of ecological remedies.

How to make a homemade root stimulator?

At the time of make a homemade root stimulator For our plants we can opt for different natural substances that reactivate or stimulate the emission of roots. We show you which ones!

Homemade coffee stimulator

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<p>He <strong>coffee</strong> It has a number of qualities that can participate in the <strong>root system stimulation</strong>. To obtain its qualities it is necessary to boil the coffee beans. To begin, we must take a small handful of coffee beans for every half liter of water. When the beans are boiled, we strain the liquid and let it cool in the fridge. When we want to use it, we take the cuttings, we group them in handfuls and we will submerge the base for a few minutes in the brewed liquid of the coffee.</p>
<h4><span id=Lentil Stimulator

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<p><strong>The richness provided by lentils is much greater than other homemade stimulators.</strong> That is why it has become one of the most valued by customers. Lentils release a large amount of hormones that are responsible for stimulating and enhancing the root development of plants.</p>
<p>To prepare our <strong>natural stimulator</strong> we will need <strong>100 grams of lentils</strong> that we are going to let germinate in a bowl of water for the necessary time. Once germinated, we beat the legumes with a mixer. Place the beaten lentils in the glass bowl and cover with 2 liters of water and a few drops of lemon juice. We remove evenly and <strong>we measure the pH until it is 5.5</strong>. If the pH is higher, we will add more lemon juice. We stir everything well again and we keep the broth. We pass a cloth or paper filter to remove the large particles we have left.</p>
<p>We already have our natural stimulator to root cuttings.</p>
<h4><span id=Homemade wheat or soy cereal stimulatordevelop-a-home-root-stimulator "width =" 800 "height =" 500 "srcset =" -a-home-root-stimulator2.jpg 800w,íces-casero2- 300x188.jpg 300w,íces-casero2-768x480.jpg 768w "sizes =" ( max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "/></strong></span></h4>
<p>If we prefer the <strong>Wheat or soybean seeds as a natural stimulator</strong> We need to submerge them in water for about five hours. After this time, we filter the water and it is stored, while we proceed to remove the seeds and then cover them in a damp cloth, thus being able to continue their germination process. We add the water removed the next day, they are left submerged for an hour and the process is repeated again. After repeating the process several times and seeing the germinated seeds and with the roots of approximately one centimeter we will proceed to crush the whole set until obtaining a paste. We filter the pasta and we will obtain the hormone-rich liquid that will serve as a homemade root stimulant.</p>
<h4><span id=Benefits of manufacturing homemade natural root stimulants

The benefits of make a homemade root stimulator For the growth and flowering of your cannabis cultivation are innumerable. The main advantage is that we make sure that the product is 100% ecological since we have made it ourselves with our own ingredients. In addition, the preparation time is not excessive and it will not involve great efforts, not to mention that the ingredients are very accessible to anyone.

If you know any method to make a homemade root stimulator that we have not shown you, write us in the comments below to share it with our readers.

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