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How to use fertilizers in the cultivation of marijuana 1

In this article we bring you a series of tips that we hope will help you to Improve your cultivation experience with proper fertilization of marijuana plants. In this section of our store you can buy fertilizers.

General advice for the use of fertilizers in the cultivation of marijuana

How to use fertilizers in the cultivation of marijuana 1

As a general rule, if you choose to grow on land, marijuana plants will not need much more than irrigation water. It is usually enough to complement the land already fertilized naturally with a microorganism or enzyme that enrich it. Counting on a land that is rich in itself macronutrients, only the rooting and correct absorption must be controlled or facilitated of said nutrients.

The main difference can be seen in the need for fertilization of other crops Like the aeroponic or hydroponic and of course, the coconut substrate. In these cases, the usual is start with not very strong fertilizers and gradually increase the doses of the subscriber, adapted to the different phases of growth and to the councils, of course, of the manufacturer and the bank of specific seeds.

It is true that with the infinity of available varieties, we will see different behaviors more generic and characteristic as we are in front of a sativa, indica or some type of autoflowering. In the case of Indica, it is normal to demand more fertilizer than the more sativa varieties. On the other hand, both the hybrid strains and most of the automatic ones, will depend above all on their provenances, demanding both high and low doses depending on the genotype and the germinated phenotype.

The best is the cultivator's own experience. Testing the cultivation of different varieties and in different media is how fertilization is actually optimized and with it, the crop. What is clear is that maintaining a constancy and a control of fertilization, combining it with the various growth and bloom enhancers that the market offers us, great differences are obtained of production. As always, the ideal is to observe the absorption of the plants and adopt the appropriate dose as appropriate.

In all cases of fertilization or fertilization, so bad will be the lack of nutrients as excess, so neither should over-fertilization be wrong.

Also is true that the optimization of a crop will always depend on the genetics of the marijuana plant. It will not do any good to endow a crop with premium brands and excellent enhancers if the chosen seed is not quality. Ideally, therefore, it will be a good combination of both. By having a genetic and fertilizers and enhancers of the highest quality, we will only have to control the doses to have an assured success at the end of cannabis cultivation.

Without losing sight of our specimens and counting on the big manufacturers and banks of the market, we will be able to know the needs of each variety and culture medium to obtain more than expected results.

How to control the level of PH and the micronutrients necessary for the cultivation of cannabis

How to use fertilizers in the cultivation of marijuana 2

In one of the blog entries we talk about fertilization with macronutrients in marijuana crops, providing them with an extra and necessary contribution to their proper development of the compound nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium commonly called NPK. As we said, the contribution of NPK It is of vital importance for the proper growth of cannabis plants, but we can not forget the necessary level of micronutrients and PH of the entire subscriber.

As such, Micronutrients should also be introduced into the fertilization plan, controlling also that both the products and the water are in harmony with the PH.

Nowadays, the market offers us an infinity of brands with supplements that cover the micronutrient needs of marijuana plants.

Like the macronutrients, micronutrients will already be present in the substrate if we choose to cultivate on land. And in the same way, the growers that choose the cultivation in coconut or hydroponic or aeroponic systems are the ones that will most need this type of subscriber. The most normal thing is that you have a good product based on calcium and magnesium as main contributions.

How to use fertilizers in the cultivation of marijuana 3

The ultimate in micronutrients is silica, possibly in a few years we will see it already categorized as micronutrient. Nowadays, it is known of several experienced growers that use it to improve cell development and increase the level of trichomes of some cannabis strains, especially in the USA.

Regarding the pH, as always, its level will directly affect the development of the crop, since depending on it, the plant will be able to absorb with greater or lesser efficacy the nutrients added with the fertilization. It is recommended to measure the PH level at all times so that it never becomes out of control, before each subscriber and with each type of solution used. In general values, for cannabis crops the correct is a pH around 5.5 and 6 for coconut or hydro / aeroponics and between 6 and 6.5 if you choose soil.

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