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How to prepare marijuana crackers 2

Who does not go crazy with some freshly baked cookies? And if we also aromatize them in a special way? 😉

Here we leave another simple recipe to learn how to prepare some delicious cookies or marijuana cookies at home. You already know that from the team we are very fans of «fattening» our recipe book and try new ideas and after the very simple recipe of Marijuana cookies without an oven!, here you have also the classic preparation using our oven. An ideal preparation for a Sunday afternoon with friends, preparing them together and finally enjoying them with a good cup of something sweet and hot to drink.

You will see what simple and delicious which is to prepare these marijuana cookies, as we always explain the preparation step by step and the ingredients that you will need.

How to prepare marijuana crackers 2

Marijuana cookies ingredients

These are the basic ingredients to be able to make marijuana cookies at home:

Steps to follow to prepare marijuana cookies at home

Here we will tell you how to do the "magic" with these ingredients and prepare our marijuana cookies step by step:

  1. The first thing we should do is Preheat the oven to a very high temperature, about 300 degrees
  2. After, we went to Melt the butters and mix them completely. It is with homemade marijuana butter that we will incorporate our special ingredient into this recipe. If you have not yet tried to make homemade marijuana butter, in this blog we leave you two articles so you can learn how to make it in just half an hour: This is how marijuana butter is prepared Y Marijuana butter for vegans with coconut oil. To melt them, we take them out of the fridge with time until they are at room temperature to work them. But, we can always put together 120 grams of one and 115 grams of another in a glass bowl and Warm them slightly in a bain-marie to mix them well.
  3. To our our mixture of butters, add the 40 grams of flour and stir until it is fully integrated.
  4. In this step we mix the dough with our egg and with the mixture of sugars. We remember that the ideal will be 60 grams of traditional white sugar and 65 grams of whole sugar or of cane (brown). We stir well again.
  5. We add the half spoon of coffee of sodium bicarbonate and the average of baking powder. Here we can continue to aromatize the mass of marijuana cookies, in this case with vanilla. You can choose to use it in the way you like best. We can add the seeds of a vanilla pod, delicious but maybe something harder to get than a spoonful of vanilla essence or vanillin (vanilla sugar).
  6. With all the elements well integrated, we can start cooking our delicious cookies. We take one cookie sheet or cookie sheet, we lined with a greased baking paper with traditional butter and we're doing circular piles with the mixture. You can help them with a spoon until you can apply the whole dough, making each pile stay with a diameter of about 15 cm and a thickness of about 2 cm.
  7. We will leave it in the preheated oven for about 8 or 10 minutes at a maximum of 190 degrees Celsius. We are watching and once golden, we take out, we wait a little bit so as not to burn ourselves and … to enjoy!

No need to wait to travel to Amsterdam to try authentic marijuana cookies. With this easy recipe you can encourage us to try them at home and tell us how. You will love it 😉

How to prepare marijuana cookies 3

As always, from this team we recommend a responsible consumption of this type of cannabis preparations. You already know that ingested marijuana will have a much stronger and faster effect since we will absorb 100% of THC compared to the usual 40% when marijuana is consumed smoked or inhaled. For this reason, take extreme precautions in your consumption, starting with a small portion and increasing as desired.

What you enjoy!

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