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How to germinate Marijuana seeds: All methods

The Marijuana seeds germination It is a very easy procedure but it is very important when starting the cultivation in the best way.

There are several different ways to germinate Cannabis seeds, all of them are correct, but there are some that are more advisable than others.

Whether to grow indoors, outdoors, in hydroponic or organic crops, we must always germinate the seeds previously. To do this you have to follow a series of simple steps which are perfect to have an effective and fast germination.

In this post we are going to talk about the different ways to germinate Marijuana seeds. We will also make a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each method. We start!

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

The first thing is to make a brief summary about what conditions must be given to have an effective germination. Obviously, the first thing we have to control is the humidity, Water.

Unless the tap water has a very high EC (from 1) we can use this without any problem.

Otherwise, a small dose of distilled or osmosis water will work.

Usually, many growers add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) to the water. In this way, water has a higher dose of oxygen. In addition, the anti-fungal qualities of hydrogen peroxide are also used. This reduces the chances of fungi appearing.

The Water pH it has to be approximately a value that approaches 6. The temperature should be around 22ºC, and complexes or stimulators for roots can also be added, although it is not necessary.

Better substrates for seed germination

  • On the one hand, there are the popular Jiffy (pressed peat or coconut pellets),
  • The cubes of rock wool
  • Paper napkins
  • Root Riot propagation plugs

Once we have the water and the environment where to germinate, we must establish what conditions are most suitable for them to germinate.

It is advisable to keep it in a dark and humid area but very important that it is well aired. It must also be maintained at a temperature of 25ºC.

In the market there are some small greenhouses that simulate the ideal conditions for the seeds to germinate.

If the kitchen paper is used as a means of germination, we must maintain these conditions until the seeds have germinated, that is, until the radicle appears, which will later become the main root of the plant.

When this radicle is about 1 cm, the seeds are planted and after a few days, a tiny seedling grows.

Next, let's talk about the ways to germinate the seeds:

Substrates and means for germinating cannabis seeds

Now let's talk about the most common ways to germinate seeds. Keep in mind that the media should get wet with the water that we have previously commented.

Peat Jiffy

The Jiffys are peat tacos that are pressed and dehydrated. They have to soak for a while until they are transformed into a cloth bag of substrate.

Normally, the seeds are sown without germinating before, directly in the jiffy. That is, they germinate directly in the jiffis where the seedlings. Then, it is transplanted to a pot to begin the growth phase.

There are jiffys of various sizes, and of various compositions such as peat or coconut fiber. One of the strengths of this substrate, by retaining a good dose of water, does not require to be hydrated in the germination stage.

Rock wool

Another method of germination are cubes or blocks of rock wool very used especially when we aim to hydroponic or aeroponic methods. This method has the advantage that it does not dirty the system, with remains of peat or coconut, as it happens in cultivating with jiffys.

This substrate causes the seeds to germinate quickly but must be controlled the humidity level of rock wool, since it dehydrates unlike jiffy, which retains moisture. For this reason, a check should be made every day to check that the rock wool is moistened.

Root Riot propagation plugs

Root Riot propagation plugs are made up of a kind of sponge Composted organic materials. Its spongy structure helps maintain the optimal air / water ratio for roots to develop.

They help to maintain the perfect amount of water and oxygen as well as micronutrients . Germination with this method gives excellent results. It is used much like rock wool studs.

Kitchen paper

The kitchen paper is usually replaced by cotton. It is one of the most used ways to germinate seeds. It consists of placing the folded kitchen paper in a container and moistened.

Sometimes it is replaced by cotton, it is one of the most used ways to germinate seeds of any plant. It consists of putting the folded kitchen paper in a container (a dish, for example) and moisten it. The more paper is put, the more moisture will be retained and the less paper should be hydrated during the process.

When moistened, the seeds are placed on top and covered with a thin layer of paper (this step is usually forgotten). After the plate is covered with another of the same dimensions always leaving a small gap between them so that the seeds "can breathe." In the same way as with rock wool, we will be attentive to the fact that the medium – in this case the paper – always stays humid.


Another option is to directly plant the seed in a pot or on the ground, if the Cultivation is outside. This option is not usually recommended, since the seed can stay deeper than it should. Also if after planting we water, we push the seed even more deeply.

Therefore you have to water the land before planting the seed. It is also advisable to leave the seeds to soak for 1 day to favor germination of the seed before planting.

Germinate marijuana seeds step by step

Germinate seeds in jiffy (small bags of peat)

Perform a germination of marijuana seeds in bags of jiffy is really simple.

The first thing is to hydrate the jiffys in water for 15 minutes. When they begin to swell. Then they drain a little and they make a small hole 1cm deep. In this hole the seed is inserted, which will have to have the crown of the latter looking up.

The hole is covered with peat without pressing and the jiffys are placed in a dry, warm and airy place. However, do not put them near drafts. You can choose to acquire small greenhouses that are plastic and have holes for them to transpire. Normally the seedlings start to leave after 3 days. With this method, the plants took 3 days to be born.

Germinate Marijuana seeds in Rock Wool

To begin to germinate seeds, the first thing we must do is to moisturize the rock wool as it is done with the jiffys. Then drain to remove the remaining water and place the seed in the same way as in the jiffy, a centimeter deep with the crown up and covered with rock wool.

Rock wool has the difficulty that it can dry, so we must be careful to moisten it daily. If necessary.

The small greenhouses are highly recommended because they help to maintain perfect moisture and make the rock wool does not dry.

When the seedling begins to appear, it will be transplanted to the substrate or hydroponic system that we have chosen. The germinacón in rock wool usually takes about 3 days.

Germinate seeds in Root Riot

The procedure to germinate seeds in Root riot is very similar to that of rock wool. With this method the seedlings are born after 4 days.

Germinate seeds in kitchen paper

Germinating marijuana seeds with this method is very simple, we take a couple of kitchen papers and fold a few times.

Place the paper in a deep dish or similar container and add water to moisten it. Then, we place the seeds on it and cover them with a layer of paper.

We use another deep dish as a cover, but leaving a small hole for air to enter.

It is usually used in conjunction with one of the methods cited above. When the radicle of the seed begins to appear, it is placed in a jiffy, in a cube of rock wool or propagating block. After a few days the seedling starts to come out.

Considerations on seed germination

There are certain important considerations that we must always keep in mind, whatever the method used to germinate.

  1. Do not bury too much seeds.
  2. Do not saturate the medium too much with water.
  3. It is not necessary that the water that is used to irrigate have nutrients,, the cotyledons of the seedlings already have the necessary nutrients so that they can be born and grow during the first days without deficit of nutrients.
  4. In case of using hydroponic systems the newly germinated seedling is inserted when it was born. It does not matter much how to germinate the seed because, the greater success of a seed germinate in the quality of the seeds.
  5. Sometimes it can happen that the seedling it's hard to separate the cotyledons from the shell. Either the shell of the seed is stuck to them or only the thin membrane (cuticle) that covers them. If this happens, what we should do is remove the shell of the cotyledons carefully with clean hands in order to open them.
  6. At the time of transplanting to pot or soil, it is advised bury as much of the stem as possible, from where new roots will grow.

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