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Homemade marijuana olive oil 2

As you well know we are BobGrow the best grow shop online and as such we bring you the best articles on cannabis in this article I leave you the explanation of how to prepare one of the most basic ingredients for many elaborations in cannabis cooking: marijuana olive oil.

Mainly it will serve as a special seasoning in a great variety of dishes such as salads, guacamoles, hummus …

Here you can see an example of how to apply marijuana oil to make hummus: how to make hummus with cannabis olive oil

The marijuana oils they can be prepared in many ways, with elaborate elaborations that include chemical processes and alcohols to ensure the complete extraction of THC from the marijuana used.

In this case, as we say, what we will do is a little twist to turn our precious olive oil into marijuana oil ready for consumption in dressings, where it will reward more its spicy flavor than potency, although it will also give us an effect according to amounts.

The process is really simple and very similar to the preparation of homemade marijuana butter. How to prepare marijuana butter

Ingredients to prepare marijuana olive oil

We will only need three basic things:

How to prepare our olive oil marihuanero, steps to follow

Homemade marijuana olive oil 2

As we said, the preparation is really easy and practically the same as the one we follow to prepare homemade marijuana butter. Go for it:

    1. The first thing we must do is eliminate the taste of chlorophyll of the marijuana that we are going to use. For this, we will put the 120 grams of culture remains or the 10 grams of marijuana in a medium saucepan and cover them with water. We must heat it but without the water reaching the boiling point as it could damage the THC of the marijuana. Therefore, we will put it on low / medium heat and leave it without stirring for about 25 minutes.
  1. It is now when we will put our marijuana to macerate in olive oil. It is important that we drain everything well before putting it in the oil to avoid liquids in our final oil. Once drained, we will put our marijuana in a glass jar preferably and we will bathe it with the 400ml of extra virgin olive oil.
  2. We will need a couple of hours to bain-marie to have it ready. Place the jar on another saucepan with almost boiling water and hold that time without it coming to boil, over medium heat will suffice. It is important that the jar does not touch the bottom of the bucket so that it does not reach too high a temperature.
  3. Then we just have to strain the oil with a coffee filter and discarding the marijuana. The cast oil may contain some water. To ensure 100% elimination, it is recommended to keep it in the freezer or in the back of the refrigerator so that the water remains separated when the oil solidifies.

Homemade marihuana olive oil 3

Homemade marihuana olive oil 4

As you can see, it's really simple and with our homemade marihuana oil, an infinite number of possibilities for cannabis salty cooking are open to us. With this basic ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine, we can prepare from a simple toast for breakfast, to a sizzling gazpacho, a delicious salad or a very special guacamole. Try and tell us how it is!

Id measuring what amount is recommended. You already know that Ingested marijuana will have a more potent and faster effect than smoked or inhaled, so the ideal is to try little by little what is the right amount to avoid an unwanted effect.

We hope you like it!

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